24 Minutes in Mott Haven

Creator and Executive Producer

Gothamist & WNYC Studios

May 2021

After the murder of George Floyd, a movement for criminal justice reform swept the country. One protest in a predominantly Black and brown neighborhood in the Bronx was later cited by human rights Human Rights Watch as a violation of human rights, civil rights protections of the US Constitution and the NYPD's own Patrol Guide. As a native New Yorker and attorney, Jami Floyd wanted to lay bare the systems of inequity that led to this clash between protesters and police. As Senior Editor of WNYC's Race & Justice Unit, she conceived: 24 Minutes in Mott Haven: a multimedia project in which 24 courageous New Yorkers relive their experience on the ground that night. Their harrowing accounts underscore the ways in which our criminal justice system is not working for the very people it purports to protect.

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